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What our client says

“What differentiates SW Consulting from other consultants is the passion that they were able to develop for Al Wadi Al Akhdar in such a short period of time which earned them the utmost respect and cooperation from all stakeholders. Within few weeks SW Consulting was able to formulate the problems and chart a transformation plan that was accepted by the board of directors. SW Consulting accompanied the company in the transformation program and by the time the mission was done, we could see the tangible results of their work. SW Consulting’s mission at Al Wadi was the best investment we made in years!”
- Chairman, Al Wadi Al Akhdar
“Transforming a family business that was established 70 years ago is a complex and delicate task. SW Consulting spared no effort to understand our context and issues, designed and implemented relevant solutions to long-lasting problems, and were able to develop a culture of performance and accountability within our organization.”
- Executive Director, Bassoul-Heneine
“I sincerely believe that we grew as a team and as a company over the last period, it is mainly due to the dedication, grit, and talent of the SW Consulting team who were always encouraging us and pushing our limits.”
- CEO, Crown Flour Mills
“SW Consulting helped us turn our collective experience into a 20 years old start-up with a cause! A difficult task to achieve had it not been for the personal interest we felt the team took in our project.”
- Managing Partner, EKP