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Turnaround plan for a distributor of Household appliances and Consumer Electronics

  • Title : Turnaround plan for a distributor of Household appliances and Electronics
  • Tags : Turnaround, Strategy, Market analysis, Profitability

Distributor of household appliances and electronics

Develop a turnaround plan with its financial implications and present it to the Board of Directors
  • Context
  • Approach
  • Result

The client is a regional distributor of consumer electronics, white goods, black goods, small home appliances, and office equipment.

The business had been experiencing a sharp drop in sales (overall more than 50% drop) and was facing profitability issues.


1. Conducted external and internal analysis

a. Reviewed market analysis: market size, market shares, competitors, customers
b. Conducted a financial performance analysis:
- Reviewed sales breakdown by brand, by category, and by channel
- Reviewed profitability by brand and by category
- Reviewed inventory volume and value
c. Analyzed the data and identified the drivers behind sales and profit

2. Led a strategic workshop
a. Prepared a workshop with top management and select managers outside the group
b. Facilitated the workshop
- Presented a synthesis of the analysis
- Animated an interactive session on strategic options
c. Synthesized the recommended strategic options for the turnaround

3. Developed a turnaround plan and a Board of Directors presentation
a. Conducted individual sessions with top management and finalized the turnaround plan
- Strategic options
- Action plan
b. Presented the strategic plan to the Board of Directors and obtain approval


Obtained the Board of Directors approval
Re-focused the activity:
Identified 4 areas of sustainable growth in sales
Exited 3 loss-making consumer electronics brands
Turned back the company to profitability in 1 year