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Turnaround of a regional food manufacturer

  • Title : Turnaround of a regional food manufacturer
  • Tags : Turnaround, Strategy, Profitability, Program Management

Regional food manufacturer

Develop and implement a turnaround plan for the company
  • Objectives
  • Approach
  • Result

The client is a producer and a distributor of food products.

Its portfolio includes hundreds of products across 15+ categories from frozen vegetables to canned vegetables to fresh products

Sales were stalling due to increased competition and inadequate strategic decisions, resulting in severe and structural profitability issues


SW Consulting conducted a rapid yet thorough analysis of the business and the markets it operates in

SW Consulting defined two strategic objectives for the company: “return to profitability “and “achieve focused growth”

Identified and prioritized 31 initiatives to turnaround the company (e.g. Rationalize product portfolio with regards to sales and profitability matrix)

After obtaining BoD approval, regrouped initiatives into 14 transformation projects, assigned project owners and led the implementation of the turnaround plan


Successfully defined and implement critical initiatives for the turnaround

Return to profitability:
Renegotiated CoGS
Reduced operating expenses
Rationalized product portfolio
Exited money-losing geographies
Restructured debt and reduced interest expense

Achieve focused growth:
Addressed underperforming market niches
Defined a new operating model and deal terms with distributors
Defined a new marketing strategy
Reviewed and updated brand strategy

Achieved a positive EBT in less than 6 months