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Technology strategy for a Smart Development in the GCC

  • Title : Technology strategy for a Smart Development in the GCC
  • Tags : Strategy, Technology, Business model, Business plan

Smart Development in the GCC

Develop an intelligent, integrated and efficient technology strategy to support seamless integration between systems and services
  • Objectives
  • Approach
  • Result

The client is a real estate developer with the vision of building an innovative Smart Development (38 km2 with a capacity of 450,000 people) having an advanced infrastructure and offering its tenants the highest standards of living

To support this ambition and create a sustainable project, the client wanted to focus on developing a cohesive “Communications & Technologies” infrastructure enabling the vision fulfillment.


1. Designed the services offering:
- Identified strategic imperatives addressing the Smart Development vision and concepts
- Complemented front end services with the backend infrastructure
- Benchmarked against services offered by similar projects (regionally and globally)
- Identified gaps and defined new services to be considered

2. Defined business and technical requirements:
- Identified the required technology features and resource (people) capabilities for the proper implementation of the Smart Development project
- Reviewed the client’s current organizational structure and evaluated its capabilities based on strategic, implementation, and operational requirements
- Assessed the current market and potential demand for smart services by analyzing technology usage trends of the target universe

3. Developed a business model and a business plan:
- Identified technologies to be used for the implementation and launch of smart services
- Defined the Smart Development operating model focusing on the technologies/smart services
- Developed a high-level business model and business plan for the Smart Development project

  • Received board of directors’ approval on the Smart Development technology strategy
  • Obtained the go-ahead to launch the technology implementation and integration planning phase