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Technology strategy for a Smart Development in the GCC

  • Title : Technology strategy for a Smart Development in the GCC
  • Tags : Strategy, Technology, Business model, Business plan

Case #5

Develop an intelligent, integrated and efficient technology strategy to support seamless integration between systems and services
  • Objectives
  • Approach
  • Result

The client is a real estate developer with the vision of building an innovative Smart Development (38 km2 with a capacity of 450,000 people) having an advanced infrastructure and offering its tenants the highest standards of living

To support this ambition and create a sustainable project, the client wanted to focus on developing a cohesive “Communications & Technologies” infrastructure enabling the vision fulfillment.


1. Designed the services offering:
Identified strategic imperatives addressing the Smart Development vision and concepts
Complemented front end services with the backend infrastructure
Benchmarked against services offered by similar projects (regionally and globally)
Identified gaps and defined new services to be considered

2. Defined business and technical requirements:
Identified the required technology features and resource (people) capabilities for the proper implementation of the Smart Development project
Reviewed the client’s current organizational structure and evaluated its capabilities based on strategic, implementation, and operational requirements
Assessed the current market and potential demand for smart services by analyzing technology usage trends of the target universe

3. Developed a business model and a business plan:
Identified technologies to be used for the implementation and launch of smart services
Defined the Smart Development operating model focusing on the technologies/smart services
Developed a high-level business model and business plan for the Smart Development project

  • Received board of directors’ approval on the Smart Development technology strategy
  • Obtained the go-ahead to launch the technology implementation and integration planning phase
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